Wholesale inflation jumps to record 9.6% during Biden Reign of terror.


Prices at the wholesale level surged by a record 9.6% year over year as the fed was yelling its just transitory. I guess we saw like during obamas crisis they are just running cover for biden. We need to audit the fed then dissolve the fed.

In a Yahoo Finance Article they break down the number for us

The Labor Department said Tuesday that its producer price index, which measures inflation before it reaches consumers, rose 0.8% in November after a 0.6% monthly gain in October. It was the highest monthly reading in four months.

Food prices, which had fallen 0.3% in October, jumped 1.2% in November. Energy prices rose 2.6% after a 5.3% percent rise October.

The 12-month increase in wholesale inflation set a new record, surpassing the old records for 12-month increases of 8.6% set in both September and October. The records on wholesale prices go back to 2010.

The Fed has their last meeting of the year this week, expect them to release some kind of BS lie about inflation being good. The media has already started to spin the economy for Biden after reports came out that the Biden admin was meeting with the media corporations attempting to get more favorable coverage of the economy. Problem is, Both the Media and Biden admin lack any credibility cause they are BOTH FAKE!