What is Devolution? Could be VERY big!


First, Let’s start with the definition of Devolution.


There is a very interesting theory building up steam over the Patriot chat rooms and blogs. The theory of Devolution has been smack in our face for a while now. It’s based off the fact that President Donald Trump signed several Executive orders to put safe guards in place incase of an attack on America as well as to protect the 2020 election from outside interference.

Patel writes

The Devolution series outlines exactly how President Donald Trump used all the legal powers available to him as President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces to defeat the election theft. Donald Trump initiated a real Continuity of Government plan and left office on January 20th but his return is imminent.

Recently Patel Patriot has been doxxed by a reporter. The reporter even went on to claim Patel was some crazy QAnon Follower. While we both know QAnon doesn’t exist, Patel has been upfront from the start about NOT following Q at all. These were all based on executive orders.

Please deep dive into Patel Patriots Series, Its extremely informative and will get you excited. Taking a 40k foot view, You can see everything starting to fall into place.

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