Trump sends message to Biden? Hint’s at Devolution?


UPDATED 12/3/21 11:16am: Added full interview to bottom of post.

First, If you haven’t heard about Devolution which was made popular by Patel Patriot, I recommend you click here to head on over to our post about Devolution, Pop come popcorn, Grab a beer or soda and give it a read.

This is TOP KEK STUFF! Donald Trump was on WDBO Radio in Orlando and was kinda cryptic on his opinion about Joe Biden running again in 2024, Take a listen.

Via MistyG on Telegram

Trump Chimes in with

“I don’t think anyone knows what’s in their future because frankly, things can happen and things can happen for him and maybe in his case, things are already happening. I wouldn’t imagine he would be running”

Man oh man, this is juice stuff for those of us Patriots who believe in Devolution!

Below is the full interview.

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