The Wartime Presidency by Slag


This is a great article to read on a Sunday morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a few Farm fresh eggs and toast and the sweet smell of vindication coming. The Wartime Presidency, Written by Slag on Substack is a view of our current events and the events leading up to the 2020 election.

Slag wisely talks about how Donald Trump IS a Wartime President, How we are currently in a war and what might happen to The United States after this war.

What I’m going to show you over a several part series of articles is a possible “last resort” or “fail safe” scenario by which Trump could come back to the White House. Please keep this in mind; this is one of several possible avenues that Trump might use to reclaim the presidency, it’s certainly not a prediction. Right now, no one can predict what might happen – not even Trump.

Slag went on to compare our current events to that of a invading enemy and a legitimate US government being forcibly removed and a puppet government installed in its place.

He want on to list some of the things that this Invading Government failed out, it’s an impressive list.

However, this brings us to a problem. If a puppet government is actually installed in Washington DC, why does the enemy seem to be on the losing end of events in Washington and abroad?

To recap;

  • Failure to pass restrictive gun control legislation
  • Failure to pass the Build Back Better plan with the pro-communist parts intact
  • Failure to pass the Green New Deal
  • Failure to stack the Supreme Court
  • Failure to stop 2020 election audits
  • Failure to stop the AUKUS deal
  • Failure to stop F-35 sales to Japan
  • Failure to stop US military aid to Taiwan
  • Failure to secure mineral rights to Afghanistan
  • Failure to impeach President Trump – Twice
  • Failure to implement US vaccine passports
  • Failure to implement US vaccine mandates
  • Failure to keep Chinese products flowing into the US smoothly – hurting the Chinese economy
  • Failure to implement a US social credit system
  • Failure to stop alternative social media platforms
  • Failure to prevent collapse of China’s real estate market
  • Failure to demolish the wall Trump built
  • Failure to close GITMO
  • Failure to protect their incumbents from losing to Republican challengers (save one exception – Gavin Newsom in California)
  • Failure to maintain control of the US educational system (they’re losing control rapidly)
  • Failure to stop the Ghislane Maxwell trial – make no mistake, this is a broadside against the USS Deep State, things will be made public in this trial that the public was never meant to know
  • Failure to stop the Durham investigation
  • Failure to stop courts from issuing preliminary injunctions that stop vaccination mandates
  • Failure to successfully prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse for murder, which would have effectively removed the 2A right to use deadly force to defend one’s life
  • Failure to expose or circumvent President Trump’s PEADS or EO’s that he left behind for the Biden administration
  • Failure to bring an indictment against Trump
  • Failure to prevent Americans from uniting under a pro-constitution political banner
  • Future – Failure to hold the house and senate
  • Future – Failure to protect their incumbent District Attorneys from challengers
  • Future – Failure to protect Roe v. Wade from SCOTUS
  • Future – Failure to prevent SCOTUS from expanding the 2A – the case will involve the question of “bear” as in the freedom to leave one’s house with a weapon in case of confrontation, with no need to “prove” the odds of such confrontation to the government

Slag goes on to compare Trumps Shadow Government to that of a Government in Exile, Like President Manuel L. Quezon of the Philippines in 1941. He points out the fact that Trump is still releasing messages, still meeting with cabinet members and those members are still doing their duties.

In the 3rd series slag goes on to talk about how Trump could make a return, Reminding us of how the Deep state would react to such a thing.

The deep state breathed a sigh of relief. That troublesome orange man was gone from “their” town and the government could finally get back to its primary mission – making all of them rich.

From Slags Part 3

Little did they know, they were messing with the WRONG GUY and pissing off the Patriots!

It’s really a great read, so far he has 4 parts. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT!