STOP being mad that Donald Trump said he took the vaccine and start paying BETTER ATTENTION!


Patriots, I get it. We all felt like “WTF” when DJT went on stage this past weekend and talked up the Vaccines, even mentioning getting the booster. Some of his most diehard fans are even upset about this. The problem is you are not thinking logical because you’re emotionally invested in this subject. Let’s take a step back and think logical.

First, let’s start with this. What accomplishment would happen if Trump was to come out and say “Don’t trust the vaccines!” After all it was Donald Trump that pushed them out via Operation Warp Speed in record time.

Secondly, How would the Media have spun Trump stating the Vaccines are not safe? Do you remember what the media did with Hydroxiqualiquine and Ivermectin? They canceled it, and anyone who pushed it. Its becoming a lot harder now for them to do so but they still accomplished their goal in the past. They (Fauci) knowingly hid the known Therapeutics to get the Emergency Use order.

Now, No one really knows if Trump took the vaccine or not. But the main thing he did say was he does not believe in forced vaccination and that people can make up their own mind. This statement is The American way! Some people including those that are Trump supporters ARE scared of Covid, and have gotten vaxxed and feel like they made the right decision for themselves no matter if you and I agree with them.

We also can not forget to mention the millions of Red pills it handed out, the amount of people who were asleep that are now awake from their eyes being open to just how corrupt, evil and demonic their government officials and government agencies are.

But what does he really mean when he talks about the Vax? Operation Warp Speed did save millions and millions of people all over the world. Not because of the Vaccine itself, But if they were not released, There would be even more death and destruction without them than with them, It was trumps only option. Otherwise The media would still be pushing the fear on Covid, The Media would still have death counts on their screen blaming it on trump and we would be completely locked down and living in fear. Blue states would be going on a power trip even worse than they already are.

Remember their plan? They planned on Donald Trump winning the election. They planned on using Covid to ruin him. Just like they never thought she (Hillary) would lose, They never thought he (Biden) would win. Even though the fix was win for Joe, they were surely going to get caught, they never expected Trump to let them get away with it and it would of been perfect for them. The media would have set their narrative that Trump interfered in the election and Riots, Lock Downs and more would be pushed 24/7 on the news. Instead it’s all been flipped on Biden. Biden said he had a plan for covid. He doesn’t and they just cant turn off the switch at this point. The Vaccines FORCED the Deep State to shift their plan and brought them out into the light. If they were going to push forward to their Great Reset, they were going to do it out in front of everyone now.

Everything you see happening today is because of Operation Warp Speed. If the previous Posts and Devolution are true, WE ARE AT WAR. An enemy unleashed a Bioweapon attack on the United States in order to take control. WAR.

In WAR hard decisions are made for the betterment of the country. If you believe that trump just walked away, then you’re not paying enough attention. But if you believe that Devolution is active, Then this is just Fog of War or as Steve Bannon said Signal or Noise. And we think this is just noise.

As Trump has said from day 1, Consult you’re DR., Do your research and make the best decision for you.