San Fran Mayor pretends she didn’t support defunding police.


The Democrats see incoming landslide and a big time loss of power for them in the coming elections. A crime in cities and states that supporting Defunding Police has skyrocketed over the last two years, it seems some have Defunders remorse! San Francisco Mayor London Breed gave a big BS speech on the 15th about how they are going to take back their city from the crime spree that they created.

Rob stores in Poor areas? No problem.. Rob a Neiman Marcus and other stores in elite area? Well we need to do something about this! Check out this fraud below. Congrats to the people taking wedding pictures in the background.

California will continue to be a cesspool of poor democrat policies and radical ideology. Until REAL change happens there, We suggest getting the heck out. Research is showing that California is losing people by record numbers and gaining people has dropped big time too. People don’t want to live in fear.