Is COVID over? Biden and CDC make drastic and surprising changes.


Look’s like the enemy is admitting that Omicron has defeated them, They seem to be pulling back on their draconian COVID policies.

Today at the Senior Living center, Installed President Joe Biden admitted he was a complete failure. It wasn’t long ago that Joe Biden was stating that Donald Trump had failed at protecting America against Covid and he has a plan to ELIMINATE The virus.

How’d that work out Joe? This will be the video that will best describe Joe Biden’s attempt to save us from The Virus. Walking away from the Press without answering questions after just punting the ball to The States to handle covid and going on vacation.

Minutes before this video Biden said “Look, there is no Federal Solution, this gets solved at the state level” as well as coughing.

This after months of calling out Florida Governor and Future President Ron DeSantis on how he has handled Covid, which we will remind you Florida has some of the best results per its population in the nation and is WIDE open.

After Biden made this announcement the CDC double downed on their retreat and reduced the days of Isolation down from 10 to five.

All of this comes on the heels of a massive spike in cases where a large percentage of those cases are from Fully Vaccinated individuals.

Many well respected Doctors over the last few weeks since the discovery of the Omicron Variant have been touting it as the end of Covid and the welcoming of Herd Immunity which for a long time The Biden Regime and CDC has pretended it does not exist.

Boris Johnson in the UK also mentioned there would be no more lockdown measures in the UK on Sunday, So its safe to say that the Deep State may be abandoning ship on the Covid Lie and jumping to another ship. We will keep our eyes peeled for that ship and report to you when we see it coming to harbor! In the mean time, LETS GO BRANDON!