How billionaire George Soros bankrolled DAs to help deliver Democrat cities HIGHEST crime rates


DailyMail with a great breakdown how how George Soros has funded destabilization in Democratic cities across America, Some cities hitting RECORD numbers on crime rates.

Soros, the most prolific Democratic donor, is most known for giving to Presidents Clinton and Obama but he has also been pumping money into a far-left effort to overhaul the criminal justice system by giving millions to a network of woke prosecutors in Democratic races.  

Among them is Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Chicago, where murder is at its highest in nearly 30 years. 

Soro’s Bankrolled a PAC that backed Foxx in her re-election campaign with a 2 million dollar donation. In 2021, there were more murders in Chicago than in any other year since 1994 and counting.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, Also enjoyed support from a PAC who Soro’s donated to. Gascón is being widely condemned for not cracking down on shoplifters and violent criminals. 

Soros has also donated to the campaign of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. According to The New York Post, Soro’s donated $1.7 Million.

Republican pundits say he has blood on his hands now for the deaths of innocent people like those killed at the Waukesha Christmas Parade by Darrell Brooks, a career criminal who had been bonded out of jail days earlier for other crimes.  

In 2016, Soros pumped $3million into seven local district-attorney campaigns including races in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.  

DailyMail had a fantastic breakdown for this story and I highly recommending reading this..

Soro’s is the devil.

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