Election Fraud by the numbers. Liz Harrington with the details.


Over the last few days Liz Harrington has shared details on Twitter of election fraud from the swing states that trump is stating there was fraud in. We all know this to be the case as the news has come out of one county of Arizona with Cyber Ninjas proving a high amount of fraud in Maricopa county. Below are the details that we will discuss on our FIRST official Podcast.

Brian Cates on Telegram went over the tweets as well and came up with these amazing stats and information.

“They pulled out all the stops to take the election away from the People, and if we had more honest reporters like Mollie Hemingway, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it—more and more evidence of fraud and irregularities coming out, daily!”

The Texas lawsuit was strong last year — and a case to make on Election Fraud is even stronger today

Lots of NEW determinative evidence in the latest complaint that is ready to be filed to the Supreme Court

Like 49,171 more votes than voters in Pennsylvania 

Remember, They didn’t want to HEAR trumps lawsuits. Soon there will be so much evidence out in the public they will have no choice. Remember, Trump has all the info.

The Sheriff in Racine County, Wisconsin conduced massive felony criminal investigation of the Wisconsin Election Commission into illegal vote harvesting in nursing homes”

Putting the validity of up to 50,000 ballots in question 

This man is a TRUE Patriot. I want to see some arrests.

Arizona was unlawfully certified and counted

“The number of illegal votes and votes…far exceeds the margin of votes separating the candidates.”

Arizona’s election violated the Electors’ Clause by “allowing  than 52,000 registrations in violation of Arizona law”

We are waiting for indictments in Arizona. AG Mark Brnovich seems to be slow walking this and now trump is going to bring it to light of WHY.

More illegal ballots than the election margin in AZ and “hundreds of thousands of corrupted or missing ballot images—on which the November 2020 election vote count is based.” 

“Evidence of tampering” and “evidence of fraud” in Maricopa County and the Board of Supervisors deleted election evidence after they received a subpoena

Maricopa County election officials were caught destroying election records —in violation of federal law 

In race decided by 10,457 “votes” the audit found:

• 255,326 ballots in the “final voted file” as having voted early that were not included in the “early voting returns file”

• 23,344 mail-in ballots cast when voter had moved and no one with same surname remained at address 

• 5,295 multiple ballots from the same person

• 3,432 more votes in the official results than in the final-voted file

• 2,592 more duplicate ballots than ballots sent for duplication

• 1,528 voters who moved to another state

• 618 votes not on the official precinct register 

These were the totals from Dr. Shiva and Cyber Ninjas

“Violations of Article II in Georgia resulted in outcome-determinative numbers of unlawful votes”

As of April 2021 Georgia failed to produce chain of custody records for more than 355,000 Big Tech drop box ballots 

74 Georgia counties cannot produce original ballot images from the November 2020 election

Fulton County apparently destroyed 350,000 ballot images, “the only records which can show the authenticity of the ballot cast”

Fulton is also missing 17,690 mail-in ballots 

Zuckerbucks paid off in Fulton County, I wonder how any people also got paid off.

Michigan’s electoral voters were unlawfully certified and counted”

Violations of the Constitution are “outcome-determinative” 

Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson illegally flooded Michigan with over 7 million absentee ballot applications 

Benson also broke the law by changing signature verification requirements, which a court ruled in March 2021 — after the election

“Nonetheless, the damage…was done” 

Wayne County officials broke the law for the “opening, counting, and recording of absentee ballots,” which “materially benefited” Joe Biden

The signature verification requirement in Detroit was ignored 

71% of Detroit’s Absent Voter Counting Boards did not match

And then GOP members of the Board of Canvassers were doxxed and threatened when they raised objections 

Video shows 50 mailbox bins of ballots unloaded through the back door of the TCF Center at 3:30 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2020 “well after the 8:00 p.m. deadline for ballots cast.”

Plus, the infamous “glitch” in Antrim County that falsely awarded over 6,000 votes to Biden 

Cant get anymore corrupt than Detriot, Althought Pennsylvania says Hold my beer.

Pennsylvania’s electoral votes “were unlawfully certified and counted” 

PA’s voter registration system shows 74,090 phantom voter registrations who were “inexplicably added” in the months leading up to the November 2020 election

The SURE system says they all registered to vote on 4/6/20 or earlier, yet there in *no record* of these voters on 4/6/20 

PA had 49,141 more votes than voters

It was against the law to certify PA’s final results which show an over-vote 

In Philadelphia County:

792 out of 1,703 precincts had more votes than voters

These precincts account for 346,484 votes for President

It is against the law to certify these results without an investigation, which has not been conducted 

In Alleghany County:

767 out of 1,323 precincts had more votes than voters

These precincts account for 246,446 Biden votes to President Trump’s 153,060, a margin of 93,386, which “alone exceeds” the margin for the entire state 

PA misled the Supreme Court and “continued to illegally count tens of thousands of ballots received after Nov 3, 2020”

PA counted at least 61,855 illegal ballots after the statutory deadline 

Its amazing that they even have the near to continue to say the election was legit. Now onto that Witches state.

Wisconsin’s electoral voters “were unlawfully certified and counted”

The number of illegal and unconstitutional votes “far exceeds the margin of votes separating the candidates” 

The Wisconsin Election Commission obstructed investigations into illegality in the November 2020 election

The WEC ordered nursing homes to break the law in all 72 counties, potentially leading to 50,000 fraudulent ballots 

WEC encouraged voters to illegally declare themselves “indefinitely confined”

This led to surge of 220,404 “IC” voters in 2020

“Vast majority” were from Democrat areas

At least 48,554 had zero verification and no ID on file 

It’s safe to say with the evidence above that it was a Red Wave. You know trump wont overwhelmingly. They thought we would just ACCEPT this stolen election. They thought we would just fall in line. Nope. We must continue to bring proof to the table of the Fraud election and the illegitimate regime currently residing at the White House.