Does Biden not Fully Control the military? Can’t shut down Gitmo? Whats going on?


The New York Post reported today that President Biden on signed a $768 billion defense spending bill that includes funds for a 2.7 percent pay raise for the troops — but lamented that it did not provide money to remove terror detainees from Guantánamo Bay.

This is the second time during his Presidency that he has not been able to do anything about Gitmo. With reports coming out that Gitmo is getting an expansion, why is he not able to close it down? The Democrats has ALL THE POWER, They have the tie breaker in the senate and all three branches. What is stopping them from closing it down?

What REAL power does Biden have over the military besides botching the exit in Afghanistan.

In a statement, Biden argued that two sections of the bill barring the use of federal funds to transfer detainees to certain foreign nations or the US unless specific conditions are met “unduly impair the ability of the executive branch to determine when and where to prosecute Guantánamo Bay detainees and where to send them upon release.

“In some circumstances these provisions could make it difficult to comply with the final judgment of a court that has directed the release of a detainee on a writ of habeas corpus,” added the president, who urged Congress to “eliminate these restrictions as soon as possible.”

The post also reported, The president also took issue with provisions in the bill requiring reports on the amount of US military equipment destroyed during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, as well as the threat posed by Iran-backed militias in the Middle East.

Biden complained that such reports “will, in the ordinary course, include highly sensitive classified information, including information that could reveal critical intelligence sources or military operational plans.”

It’s just interesting to me how Democrats have always yelled about wanting to shut down their future home, but now they be have no choice as they might not have as much control as they portray. I wonder if certain Executive Orders are getting in the way.

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