Dark Winter – Jobs numbers once again a Gigantic miss for The Biden Regime.


The 2020 Stolen election is killing our job industry. The yoyo of opening the country and closing the country is taking tolls on companies looking to rebound from 2020. The Jobs report is out and it doesn’t look good. U.S. economy added only 210,000 jobs in November, a gigantic miss to the 550,000 expected.

There is no doubt in our mind that The Biden admin will blame this on Covid and the new BS variant, lets not forget he will also blame Republicans for stalling on his Build Back Better (they really are only building back the corruption better) bill. Of course there is always Trump too, they love blaming him.

In a funny part, MSNBC confronted Liar, Jen Psaki live on the air about the jobs report, of course she will have to circle back.

The fact that they still continue to come up short and still give the BS lie that “we are seeing good trends” is all you need to know.

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