Bannon about to make Evil Nancy and the rest of the stooges on the Jan 6th committee regret indictment.


Boy, What a BIG mistake Nancy and the RINOS have made. Steve Bannon is requesting all information on the Jan 6 false flag is made public. It looks like CNN, ABC, and more than a dozen media companies have joined him in his fight against Bidens Piss poor loser DOJ.

DailyMail reports –

A coalition of major media companies has filed a legal brief in support of former Trump chief White House strategist Steven Bannon as he fights a proposed protective order in court that would keep him from publicizing Jan. 6th documents and information.

The media group – which includes CNN, ABC, NBC, plus the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the parent company of the Wall Street Journal – filed a motion to intervene as Bannon’s fights the government’s proposed order as part of his contempt of Congress case. 

Check out DailyMail for the rest.