Andrew Cuomo ordered to return $5.1M pandemic book profits to state (LOL!)


Bad news seems to be following the Cuomo brothers lately and now this, The New York Post reports a New York Ethics (thats funny too) Committee has ordered disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to return the $5.1 million in profits from his pandemic book deal to the state next month. You know the guy Fauci said was doing such a wonderful job AFTER he knowingly threw sick patients into nursing homes and Killed many people.

The extraordinary resolution was approved Tuesday by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics in a 12-1 vote — coming a month after the ethics agency voted to revoke its prior approval allowing Cuomo to earn outside income from his book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” while he was still governor and New York was still battling the deadly viral bug.

They also said Cuomo “lacked the legal authority to engage in outside activity and receive compensation in regard to the book”.. Wait a second, don’t politicians do this? We all know this is basically Payoff for them. Here’s to hoping they are moving on to the nursing homes next and locking him up for a long time.