Alex Jones Slams Donald Trump Over COVID Vaccine in ‘Emergency Christmas Day Warning’


And just like that, You turn the lights on and the roaches start running. After coming out and supporting the vaccines that he helped get out in record time, Trump has been met with some backlash. Perhaps this was all planned to see who was really on 45’s side, or maybe it was just a bad call on the PR side. The battlefield however is more clear today. Alex Jones took a big nose dive off the ship today.

Alex Jones has now come out and stated that Trump will be associated with evil and will be known as Josef Mengele 2.0.

The Infowars host went on to say the COVID-19 vaccine was designed to “erase the population’s immune system and make them dependent on ongoing gene therapies.”

In clips from his show featured in the video, Jones said vaccines have caused “spontaneous abortions and miscarriages,” nosebleeds, convulsions, paralysis, blindness, “ovaries basically dissolving,” interference with women’s periods, and endometriosis.

“This, President Trump, is what you are now signing onto,” Jones said. “It’s one thing to rush the shot out because you believed it would save the people and help end the lockdowns.”

He went on: “But now that you know that [Anthony] Fauci signed you onto a fraud, you must extricate yourself from this lie, or you will be forever known as the M.V.V.P., the Most Valuable Vaccine Pusher. And the name Trump will be associated with pure evil. Do not go down history as Josef Mengele 2.0.”

Jones then continued by calling Trump a “coward” but urged him to “turn back,” saying: “Your legacy will be that of a monster. Your legacy will be that of a eugenicist. Your legacy will be that of a child killer, using medical tyranny.”

The Week hasn’t been kind to Trump after coming out in support of the Vaccines, But we remind you of our post defending him on his stance.. The week would have been a lot worse. It’s interesting to hear Alex Jones use Jose Mengele’s name for Trump, to me its a tell tale sign of the direction they would have gone if Trump DIDN’T support them.

Wasn’t there someone that once said Alex Jones was a Deep State opp? Didn’t he get some help starting Info Wars? Start Digging!

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