A northern California town has declared itself a “constitutional republic”! We are winning.


Keep fighting back Digital Soldiers! We are winning, and we are winning BIG. Oroville, CA city council adopted a resolution stating it would oppose state and federal orders that it deems to be government overreach. The Guardian reported a story of the City Council taking a stand against Governor Newsome’s Covid-19 overreach.

Before passing the resolution, council members argued they were taking a stand and advocating for residents to make their own health choices.

“I assure you folks that great thought was put into every bit of this,” the city’s mayor, Chuck Reynolds, said. “Nobody willy-nilly threw something to grandstand.”

This however will not shield it from following federal and state laws, said Lisa Pruitt, a law expert at the University of California, Davis, who said it was not clear what the designation meant.

We all know Federal mandates that do not follow the constitution have already been struck down. We will see how this all turns out but its proof that people are fighting back and winning!

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