18 Democratic House Members Not Seeking Re-Election in 2022.


Major panic in DC as 18, thats right. 18 Democratic house members will not seek re-election, some are even CAREER Politicians. The WEAK GOP Only Needs 5 Net To Win Back Majority, but have issues of their own! The GOP must eliminate the RINOS and members that are NOT America first!

Eric Thompson at trendingpolitics.com reports the following

The problem for the left is the American people, after seeing the results of open borders, tax increases, inflation, spikes in murders, and overt crime in broad daylight ETC, are telling pollsters they want a change in direction in 22.

Instead of almost assuredly losing their jobs, more and more Democratic House members are announcing they are not running for re-election next November.

Remember, if there are openings in your area during the 2022 election, to vote for AMERICA FIRST Candidates! Trump will endorse them!

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